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Thousands of employees in Bulgaria benefit after tax, labour inspectors come calling

Author: The Sofia Echo staff Date: Sun, Mar 18 2012 1608 Views
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More than 25 000 employees have benefitted from joint inspections by Bulgaria’s National Revenue Agency (NRA) and Labour Inspectorate after the checks found that they were working full-time although they were registered as part-time employees, the NRA said.
The inspections began in autumn 2011, the agency said.
Official records had shown that about 164 000 employees in Bulgaria were registered as being on a four-day week. But the inspections had found that about 70 per cent of these were working eight, 10 or even more hours every day.
Sanctions had led employers to change their approach, the NRA said.
Registration as a part-time worker would have negative effects on a person’s pension prospects. Someone with 10 years’ work experience registered as part-time might never be able to retire.
In February 2011, the NRA made available a new online service that allows every employee to check on the internet the details of how an employer has recorded that employee for tax purposes.

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