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Free coffee, anyone?

Author: Alyona Zhuk, The Kyiv Post Date: Tue, Feb 21 2012 1520 Views
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It’s not every day that a complete stranger buys you a drink. Or at least it wasn’t, until the idea of a "coffee in suspense" came to Ukraine.

This international trend of buying two coffees and leaving one "in suspense" is a new incarnation of an old trend in Naples, Italy, where it is called caffe sospeso.

It received a new life after 2008, when writer Luciano De Crescenzo published a number of stories and articles describing the tradition of paying for two coffees and drinking one, leaving the other one for the needy – or simply a cheapskate.

Now, this trend has made its way into about 20 cafes and restaurants in Kyiv. The coffee someone decides to buy is marked on a special board and remains up for grabs for anyone who has no money or simply feels like being treated today. Accompanied by the motto, "Give if you wish. Get if you want," the idea has many forms and names.

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