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Croatians vote to join European Union

Author: VOANews Date: Sun, Jan 22 2012 2 Comments, 1354 Views
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Croatia has made a giant step toward joining the European Union after voters approved membership in a referendum Sunday.

With the vote counting still under way late in the day, officials said 67 percent supported membership. Voter turnout is expected to be less than half.

Supporters of EU membership say Croatia's floundering economy can benefit by entering into a union with its much stronger European neighbors. But opponents note that all of Europe is struggling economically, and they say Croatia could lose some of its sovereignty by joining.

Croatian President Ivo Josipovic called Sunday's vote a turning point for Croatian history. He said he looks forward to all of Europe becoming his home.

If all current EU members give final ratification to Croatian membership, Croatia will become the 28th member on July 1, 2013.


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      Martine Brennan Rating: 8
      #2 18, 40, Mon, Jan 23 2012

      I would have thought the EU has problems enough without admitting
      anyone else.

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      Alois Saint-Martin Rating: 8
      #1 01, 33, Mon, Jan 23 2012

      Novel effort at Autonomy. But Croatia is not a Nation. No more than Tyrolia,or Corsica. The Peoples Republic is a Nation, The Former Soviet Union was a Nation. Croatia, like Kosovo, are Pawns in a Corrupt Vainglorious Game ~

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