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Skopje suspends national census

Author: The Sofia Echo staff Date: Tue, Oct 11 2011 1878 Views
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The national census in Macedonia has been suspended, Macedonian news website Kirilica said, quoted by news agency Focus.

The state census commission (SCC) held a sitting late on October 10 2011 and decided that it was not possible to continue the process further under the existing circumstances, the report said.

The decision was a result of the inadequate implementation of the methodology set out by the state statistical institute, which was also co-ordinated with European Union statistics office Eurostat.

According to the commission, the census will not present real data about the number of the people and families living in Macedonia and so the commission could not execute its task and duties. All SCC members filed their resignations. The commission called for all participants in the census to stop all activities connected to the national tally.

Focus said that the census in Macedonia had been complicated by different interpretations of an article of the law regarding citizens who have been living abroad for more than a year.

Under the law, these citizens should not be counted. Albanian members of the commission, as well as representatives of the smaller ethnic groups, considered that people, who have come to Macedonia at least once should be counted too despite the fact that they have been living in another country for more than a year.

Because no compromise on the issue could be achieved, the census officers in the Albanian regions continued the national tally following their own interpretation of the law.

There were also other discrepancies and missed deadlines, the report said.

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