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Archaeology: Unique mosaic found in Bulgaria's Stara Zagora

Author: The Sofia Echo staff Date: Wed, Oct 05 2011 1 Comment, 3165 Views
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Bulgarian archeologists have unearthed a unique mosaic in the municipality of Stara Zagora, the municipality said.

A team headed by Dimitar Yankov, chief curator of the Regional Museum of History in Stara Zagora, briefed journalists on October 4 about the find, news agency Focus said.

The mosaic dates back to about the third century and depicts a man and two women, all members of Dionysus’ entourage.

"The complex figures of dancing women suggest the mosaic was done by a great master. The clothes are in five shades of blue and the red colour varies from pink to dark red. The figures are very fine. One of the women holds castanets in her hands and the other one is holding other musical instruments. The folds of their clothes suggest their knees are bent. Their ankles are bare and their legs move. There is play of light and shade," Yankov said.

He said that he hoped that the team’s further excavations would reveal more figures, including that of Dionysus, the Greek god of grape harvest, winemaking and wine.

According to archaeologists, the building was a temple to Dionysus.

The building is 30m from the walls of the forum of the Roman city of Augusta Traiana in the centre of today's Stara Zagora.

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      jonm267 Rating: 8
      #1 20, 00, Wed, Oct 05 2011

      Stara Zagora is a southern City?? I always thought it was almost in the centre of Bulgaria. Obviously I must get a new map.

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