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Archaeology: Finds from work on Bulgaria's Maritsa Highway on display

Author: The Sofia Echo staff Date: Tue, Aug 16 2011 3087 Views
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Archaeological finds uncovered during 14 years of work on the Maritsa motorway have gone on display at the museum in Chirpan, a town in south-central Bulgaria in the Stara Zagora region.

Archaeologists from Sofia University, working with colleagues from Chirpan and Stara Zagora, believe that they have found the remains of the medieval town of Blisnos. The once-populous town existed until some time in the late 12th or early 13th centuries.

The exhibition at the Chirpan museum includes many of the more than 3000 items of metal, clay, bone and glass found during work around the area where the motorway was being built.

The finds show that people inhabited the area as early as the late Neolithic age, according to archaeologists who participated in the digs.

Also found was a fifth millennium BCE Thracian sanctuary, found near the Kaleto fortress close to the village of Koshnitse. The sanctuary is believed to have been in use from the late stone age through the bronze age up to the time of antiquity.

An entire wall of the Kaleto fortress has been uncovered. The fortress was built in the sixth century CE by the Byzantine emperor Justinian to guard the main Roman road from Philipopolis to Adrianople to Constantinople - in modern terms, from Plovdiv to Edirne and Istanbul.

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