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Sofia's Zaimov Park becomes a European culture lane

Author: The Sofia Echo staff Date: Tue, Jul 19 2011 1584 Views
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Over the upcoming weekend of July 23 and 24, the capital's Zaimov park will become a European culture lane, Sofia city art gallery announced.

The event is organised by the group Za Oborishte and is financed by Sofia municipality through its Europe programme.

Sofia city art gallery, and people connected to one of its exhibitions Vaska Emanouilova, have been part of a subcommittee organising additional events for this weekend.

The official opening will be at 10am on Saturday July 23 with a performance by the Sofia brass band on the main stage.
In the children’s area there will be an exhibition by students at CHSOU Roerich whose pieces have been inspired by European impressionism. There will also be Bulgarian folk customs and costumes.
Children will be able to draw freely on the park grounds. They can also see excerpts from the musical Buratino and can attend book readings.

At 6pm on Saturday July 23 in the gallery of Vaska Emanouilova there will be the premiere of Miroslava Kortenski’s new book Voice of Public Opinion.

Even more appearances are expected including  the Polish Cultural Institute in Sofia Theatre Hahaha, X-team, the opening exhibition of the Oborishte Street screening of the documentary Sofia - history of Europe and Noah's Ark of Sofia.

On Sunday July 24, the programme for Zaimov park includes a memorial evening for Yuri Bukov, presentation of new book Lubomir Milchev-dandy Sofia Enigma – Stigma. There will also be screenings of documentaries with strong environmental themes such as Air Games and Black and White. To conclude the cultural event there will be a fire show and a performance by musical group Oratnitza.

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