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Drivers will be punished for offences abroad

Author: The Sofia Echo staff Date: Wed, Jul 06 2011 2421 Views
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Drivers will be punished for traffic offences they commit abroad, including the four most common cause of fatalities – speeding, breaking traffic lights, failure to use seat-belts and drink driving – following a vote in the European Parliament on July 6.

"The four big killers like speeding and drunk driving are still responsible for thousands of needless deaths on Europe's roads, and each death shatters a family's life. We know that a foreign driver is three times more likely to commit an offence than a resident driver. These new rules should have a powerful deterrent effect and change behaviour. Many people still seem to think that when they go abroad the rules no longer apply to them. My message is that they do apply and now we are going to apply them," said

EU figures show that foreign drivers are responsible for five per cent of traffic but around 15 per cent of speeding offences. Most go unpunished with countries unable to pursue drivers when they return to their countries of origin. 

The proposals would enable EU drivers to be identified and thus prosecuted for offences committed in a Member State other than then one where their vehicle is registered.

More information can be found on this European Commission press release.

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