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UFO 'seen over Sofia' - report

Author: The Sofia Echo staff Date: Mon, Jul 04 2011 2 Comments, 5651 Views
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A UFO was spotted in the night sky over Sofia over the weekend, in the south borough of Boyana near Vitosha mountain, Bulgarian National Television (BNT) reported on July 2 2011.

The amateur footage was shot by a bewildered Assen Yovov who himself was uncertain of what to make of the glowing discs in the sky but said he wished to submit his footage to a laboratory and have it examined for clarification.

He said that more than 10 silent disc-like objects appeared from the direction of the mountain and then proceeded eastward, toward the Black Sea. They were round, some of them crimson in colour while others were white.  They emitted no sound whatsoever.

"It was around 10.30pm on Saturday, they were coming from the mountain. They were like fire, soundless. I haven't ever seen anything like it," Yovov told BNT.

"I have no idea what it is. I want the footage to be examined so that people do not assume that I have gone crazy. They have been around for a long time probably, but people hadn't seen them," he added.

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    Frank Quin Rating: 8
    #2 05, 57, Tue, Jul 05 2011

    "I haven ever seen ..."

    Bulglish perhaps? Or just reporting what he said?

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    jonm267 Rating: 8
    #1 20, 26, Mon, Jul 04 2011

    going by the photo, the UFO was the moon - Please assure us that the Sofia Echo is not recruiting 3 year old children for its staff.

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