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E.coli outbreak threatens Bulgarian agriculture

Author: The Sofia Echo staff Date: Fri, Jun 03 2011 3 Comments, 2759 Views
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Bulgaria has suffered some financial losses after some countries blocked the import of vegetables from the EU, Minister of Agriculture and Food Miroslav Naidenov said for Focus news agency on June 3 2011.

Bulgaria had taken measures against E.coli outbreak, following  instructions from the European Commission. There was still some uncertainty surrounding the situation, however, because the cause of the infection had not been categorically established, Naidenov said.

EU agriculture and health ministers will meet next week to discuss the effects of the dangerous bacteria outbreak transmitted through infected cucumbers and tomatoes.

Naidenov said that, at the planned meeting, some ministers will seek economic damages.

Bulgarian local producers said that the damage sustained can only be assessed once the crisis is over.

Spanish PM Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero said he would demand reparations for any economic losses suffered.

EU has urged Russia - its largest export market for vegetables - to drop its ban on the import of fresh vegetables, describing the move as totally disproportionate, the BBC reported.

  • Anonymous
    Krum Rating:
    #3 08, 55, Sat, Jun 04 2011

    Come on Russia we thought you liked to gamble, have a EU cucumber.

  • Anonymous
    Filko Rating:
    #2 20, 03, Fri, Jun 03 2011

    Good point Cheerful! No reason why Bulgaria shouldn't take the lead in producing high value crops for export, they are now doing it with wine!

  • Anonymous
    Cheerful Rating:
    #1 18, 51, Fri, Jun 03 2011

    Take a look at Natural News TV and seek the E. coli bacteria in meat from animals treated heavily with antibiotics because they're sick from being kept in cramped cages/pens rather than being allowed to graze freely in fields, and because they're fed unnatural food (grain not grass), ... Now the vegetable producers and everyone buying food suffers ... although arguably not as much as we make the animals suffer by feeding and keeping them so unnaturally ... Clean up farming practices worldwide ...

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