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Bulgarian Foreign Minister: Mladić's capture is good for Serbia and the region

Author: The Sofia Echo staff Date: Thu, May 26 2011 4 Comments, 2628 Views
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Bulgarian Foreign Minister Nikolai Mladenov has welcomed the arrest of Ratko Mladić in an official statement on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website on May 26 2011.

"The capture is a very good news for Serbia and the whole region," he said.

"The arrest of the war crimes suspect has proved that justice can be done and the relatives of the victims can now witness a fair trial and punishment for Mladić
"He will be flown to The Hague and that fact shows that crimes against humanity are not left without consequences," said Mladenov.

The efforts of Serbian political leaders in capturing Mladić had reaped results, said Mladenov, who added that there could be no doubt as to their full co-operation with the International Tribunal.

Serbia should continue with its reforms and be granted EU candidate status very soon, Mladenov said.

"Bulgaria is ready to help Serbia in that process in the name of the European future of Serbia and the whole region," the Foreign Minister said.

  • EU, UN, US among those welcoming Mladić arrest
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      Десен Rating: 1293
      #4 00, 03, Fri, May 27 2011

      Hope to see him soon on trial

      Не цъфтиш ли като цвете, гниеш като бурен.

    • Anonymous
      Watch Rating:
      #3 20, 04, Thu, May 26 2011

      MM.... It doesn't matter where he was born or where he came from. Adolf Hitler was Austrian but dented the Germans image because of what he and his Nazis government did to the jews and the rest of the world. It's proved that Ratko Mladic was a Serbian military commander(killer) who committed attrocity when Serbian army stormed,captured and killed innocent boys and girls including their fathers in Srebrenica. What is your problem now. Are you trying to show your simpathy for Mladic(murderer) of 8.000 people. Why was he hiding if he had not done any wrong.This is good news for [...]

      Read the full comment the Balkans. No one is above the law and i urge Ataka leader and his followers to continue with their hate campaign,they will end up in the Hague one day.

    • Anonymous
      Phil Rating:
      #2 18, 50, Thu, May 26 2011

      "… the victims can now witness a fair trial and punishment for Mladić"

      Yet another Bulgarian minister pre-judging a trial, whatever one may believe Mladić has done.

    • Anonymous
      MM Rating:
      #1 18, 44, Thu, May 26 2011

      What Bulgaria and the world generally has chosen to ignore is that both Mldaic and Karadic are MONTENIGRINS - born in now independent MONTENEGRO, and not born in Serbia proper.
      So for Heaven`s sake stop demonising the SErbs for the actions of MONTENIGRINS.

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