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Bulgarian President's comments on Libya military op are absurd - Foreign Minister

Author: The Sofia Echo staff Date: Tue, Mar 22 2011 3 Comments, 2765 Views
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Bulgarian Foreign Minister Nikolai Mladenov has slammed President Georgi Purvanov's comments on March 21 which were highly critical of the Coalition's military operation against the Gaddafi regime.

"President Purvanov's comments are absurd. I don't think that a Nato member state ought to comment on the character of the entire Alliance," Mladenov said, cited by Dnevnik daily.

Purvanov expressed concerns about the ongoing military operation against Libya, saying the decision to strike the Gaddafi regime should have been taken unanimously by Nato, and most importantly, the decision should have been made before the operation and not the other way around, Bulgarian news agency BTA reported.

According to Purvanov, the so called Coalition of the Willing (a name given to the coalition that decided to attack in Iraq in 2003), "should not become a recurring tradition".

But the Foreign Minister disagreed.

"There is no need for us to make a drama out of all this (the war in Libya)," Mladenov said.

"Nato is our best security guarantee, Nato and the EC are the best allies and friends that Bulgaria has ever had, and even when we do have disagreements, we discuss them among ourselves first," Mladenov said.

However, no mention was made by the Foreign Minister regarding the very similar comments made on March 21 by Prime Minister Boiko Borissov, who also expressed his doubts about the combat operations, saying Bulgaria was not participating in the mission because there were "no clear goals" and that the operation had "raised too many questions", TV 7 reported.

According to Prime Minister Borissov, an economic blockade would have been "a lot more effective" against Muammar Gaddafi and his regime, and the resolution would have been brought about "quicker", Borissov said, adding that in such wars, countries like Bulgaria suffer from volatile financial markets and raised commodity prices.

  • Anonymous
    Vincent Rating:
    #3 08, 54, Wed, Mar 23 2011

    The president is simply a mouthpiece of the Russian foreign policy .

  • Anonymous
    bogomil Rating:
    #2 22, 20, Tue, Mar 22 2011

    Seems that the President was correct..
    The war-mongers have already vastly exceeded the UN mandate..

  • Anonymous
    Dianne Hatton Rating:
    #1 18, 26, Tue, Mar 22 2011

    Full credit to President Purvanov for saying exactly what he and 99% of the EU population thinks, as opposed to Nikolai Mladenov who will swear black is white as it tows the EU Ltd line. Sad muppet.

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