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Domino's Pizza to open three restaurants in Bulgaria in 2011

Author: Date: Mon, Jan 10 2011 7 Comments, 6533 Views
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US pizza delivery corporation Domino's Pizza plans to have three restaurants in Bulgaria at the end of 2011, Nikola Nikolov and Lazgin Majid, the firm's representatives for the local market, said.

The company's flagship restaurant in Bulgaria, in Sofia's Krasno Selo neighbourhood, opened on January 7 2011.

"This year we plan to open two more units, with one of them already undergoing renovations. It is at the entrance of the South Park area," Nikolov said.

Domino's Pizza also intends to open outlets in other major cities in the country, Nikolov and Majid said.

The chain's first restaurant in the country was expected to open in October 2010, but was postponed because of problems with equipment deliveries.

Domino's Pizza, owned by Boston-based private equity firm Bain Capital, operates in Bulgaria through franchise agreements as it does in parts of the US and in all overseas markets.


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    • Anonymous
      1 Rating:
      #7 21, 40, Sat, Jan 22 2011

      Really great, loved it. Rich, tasty and good price

    • Anonymous
      joro Rating:
      #6 21, 38, Sat, Jan 22 2011

      I lived in the US and the pizza was bad, but here I was very impressed. Great taste and better than anything on the market

    • Anonymous neutral
      #5 18, 08, Tue, Jan 11 2011

      WTF, doesn't anyone know where pizza comes from or does nobody care? American pizza my *ss.

    • Anonymous
      krum Rating:
      #4 16, 34, Tue, Jan 11 2011

      Is Domino's in Samoa, it is the fattest in the world?

    • Anonymous
      boris Rating:
      #3 20, 14, Mon, Jan 10 2011

      Every time you eat this pizza ask yourself which is the fates nation on earth.

    • Anonymous
      Bogomil Rating:
      #2 19, 49, Mon, Jan 10 2011

      Do NOT bother with this pizza from Domino's !! Dog food !!

    • Anonymous
      krum Rating:
      #1 11, 28, Mon, Jan 10 2011

      good news now bulgarians can eat real pizza, hahahahahah

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