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WikiLeaks and Bulgaria

Author: The Sofia Echo staff Date: Tue, Dec 07 2010 4 Comments, 6879 Views
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Bulgaria has joined other US allies in condemning the release by WikiLeaks of secret diplomatic cable traffic and affirmed that relations between Sofia and Washington will not be hampered by the disclosures.

Early revelations concerning Bulgaria included a directive from US secretary of state Hillary Clinton to diplomats to get detailed information on current and future Bulgarian leaders and whether they had any links to organised crime, Bulgaria's attempts to bargain when asked to accept former Guantanamo prisoners, as well as attempts to thwart international arms deals with Yemen.

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      baiganyodemocrat Rating: 8
      #4 22, 36, Thu, Nov 17 2011

      Hahahahaha ,don't make me laugh ! If present and future Bulgarian leaders had connection to organised crime ? Aaaaam ,let me see . Well our current prime minister before he did get on the helm ,was recorded on video by a journalist that misterisly got killed a week after ,having a coffee with one of the biggest heads of organised crime in Bulgaria . After he was questioned regarding the whole situation ,he's answer was '' I was under cover '' hahahahaa, I mean really ? a future prime minister goes under cover ? Wouldn't you think that he may [...]

      Read the full comment have more important issues to deal with than going under cover like some sort of James Bond ? Pleaaaase ,try to understand Bulgarian culture ,you look on us like a uneducated mallnurished boy that needs some help from Europe to get a pair of brand new shiny shoes right? We think we are cleverer than you are ,just like Greece did ! So the game of cat and mouse is only beginning ,wait until we get in to debt ,then you will see some tricks !

    • AnonymousEddieWed, May 18 2011

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    • Anonymous
      Jeff Rating:
      #2 20, 11, Sat, Dec 25 2010

      Hows afraid of the truth in Bulgaria then? probably a lot of old politicians and some new ones I suspect.

    • AnonymousLjiljana TaticFri, Dec 10 2010

      This comment has been removed by the moderator because it contained

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