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EU welcomes Croatia – Serbia ‘reconciliation initiative’

Author: Clive Leviev-Sawyer Date: Fri, Nov 05 2010 13 Comments, 3425 Views
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European Enlargement Commissioner Stefan Füle has welcomed the "important step forward towards reconciliation" represented by the visits by Croatian president Ivo Josipovic and Boris Tadić to Vukovar and Paulin Dvor, sites of atrocities during the 1990s war in the former Yugoslavia.

"Such places could become the symbols of reconciliation and an example for the entire Western Balkans region," Füle said.
During a visit to a memorial to 260 people murdered at Vukovar, Tadić expressed his "apology and regret" the BBC said.

Vukovar was captured in November 1991 after a three-month siege by the Serb-led Yugoslav army. The victims of the massacre had sought refuge in the town's hospital. But two days after Vukovar was seized, they were led to the site of a pig farm and shot, their bodies left in a mass grave.

Tadić  and Josipovic went together to the memorial at Ovcara and laid wreaths at the site of the mass grave.

Serbia recently made progress in its aspirations to join the European Union when the bloc’s foreign ministers agreed to forward Belgrade’s application to the European Commission.
At the same time, Serbia has been urged by the EU to meet key requirements including showing that it is co-operating properly with the international tribunal in The Hague on war crimes in the former Yugoslavia.
Serbia also has been told to show that it is building good neighbourly relations in the region, including with Kosovo, the independence of which is recognised by all but five of the EU’s 27 states but which is rejected by Belgrade.
Füle said: "We attach particular importance to good neighbourly relations and regional co-operation as part of the Stabilisation and Association process.
"Much has been done over the past year by the leadership in Serbia and Croatia, including the signing of several important bilateral agreements on police co-operation, defence co-operation and extradition of citizens suspected or convicted of serious crimes. We expect this commendable work to continue."
The fresh impetus that has been given to Croatia-Serbia bilateral relations by such high-level events could help to solve the outstanding bilateral issues in a true European spirit, Füle said.
"Both Croatia's and Serbia's future lie in the European Union, a Union where reconciliation is one of the founding features," he said.
Serbia news website B92 said that "an almost unanimous assessment of Serbian president Boris Tadić’s first visit to Vukovar is that it is a new page in history of Belgrade and Zagreb.
"However, what comes next is solving of specific problems, such as exchange of war documents and solving the issue of the missing persons, analysts say," B92 said.

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    • Anonymous
      Boris Rating:
      #13 03, 14, Thu, Jan 13 2011

      Since the Treaty of San Stefano signed March 3, 1878 Serbian Nationalism, Radicalism, Chauvinism and Irredentism, continuously, systematically, persistently and tenaciously killed and eradicated tens of thousand of Innocent Croatian, Bosnian and Kosovars every year. The West Europe did nothing to stop them but supported them and is as guilty as Serbs.
      Thanks god this stopped on 1995-2000, and now there is some hope that this would come to a halt. But the geopolitical strategy of France and west Europe is to favor Serbian in expense of the others. The objective of Paris-Belgrade-Moscow Axis is to recreate the [...]

      Read the full comment Greater Serbia, with the aim to control the central Europe.
      For Croatia, Bosnia and Kosova it isn’t a good idea to join the Divided EU controlled by France and Russia.

    • Anonymous
      rented Rating:
      #12 15, 54, Fri, Nov 12 2010

      Hi Peggy, what is there not to get? You dont seam to like living with your own genocidal butcher heros, why should anybody else?

      As for your throat being full of lies, dong get a big head i dont mean you literally, but the serbs that have already brainwashed you till now.

      There is nothing to vent, Its only your camp that fabricates and gets humiliated. Im all for it, continue your great tradition. But dont expect nobody to just idly listen to Serv myths as facts.

    • Anonymous
      Epaminondas Rating:
      #11 11, 24, Fri, Nov 12 2010

      Oh dear - a bit of a "dialogue of the deaf" here.............

    • Anonymous
      Peggy Rating:
      #10 03, 08, Fri, Nov 12 2010

      @rented, do you have anything constructive to add to this debate or you just wnat to vent?

    • Anonymous
      rented Rating:
      #9 14, 23, Thu, Nov 11 2010

      Hi Peggy

      Just pay up to your own dues and go back to Servia to live with your genocidal maniacs on the loose.

      All your fabrications got stuck in your throats. So many lies day in and day out. Now back to Srivberia :D

    • Anonymous
      Peggy Rating:
      #8 04, 03, Thu, Nov 11 2010

      @SimplyStated, you really live up to your name.
      So Serbia has to apologise to Albanians because Albanians are trying to steal a part of Serbia? Do you also expect an apology from the Serbs for not having twice as many organs to remove?
      What about not having more cemeteries in Kosovo for Albanians to desecrate and scatter the remains? How about the Serbs apologise for 2004 in Kosovo as well because surely that was their fault too. All those churches are definitely an eyesore.

    • AnonymousRetomenassierMon, Nov 08 2010

      This comment has been removed by the moderator because it contained

      AnonymousRetomenassierMon, Nov 08 2010

      This comment has been removed by the moderator because it contained

    • Anonymous neutral
      #5 11, 58, Mon, Nov 08 2010

      This idiot apologised for 260 dead? What about my 750,000 dead from '41 to '45, murdered by Croatian Nazis? What about the thousands of dead Serbs from 1991 to 1999? Where's an apology for their actions?

    • Anonymous
      Simply replied Rating:
      #4 08, 44, Sun, Nov 07 2010

      Everyone knows that a civil war didnt start for no reason. It was a civil war. So when Franjo Tudjman and Alija Izetbegovic get out of their graves and apologize for starting the war in the former Yugoslavia then we will have peace. The borders of the former republics of Yugoslavia were never official borders after 1945. So Serbia which by population takes up more than half of Yugosalvia should rightfully have a free homeland. Also Islamic thug terrorists dont belong in the heart of Christian Europe thats how the war started in Serbia - Kosovo.

    • Anonymous
      bman Rating:
      #3 15, 16, Sat, Nov 06 2010

      Has Serbia apologised for expelling 500,000 ethnic Germans after WWII?, Has Serbia apologised for killing 200,000 Albanians during the second Balkan war of 1913?, Has Serbia apologised (or even explained) how 1.5 million Serbian Muslims disappeared between 1860 and 1910?...and lets not even talk about what the Serbs did in Bosnia in the 1990s. If I were a Serb, I would not be trying to compare what other countries have or have not done because I would lose that argument pretty quickly.

    • Anonymous
      john Rating:
      #2 05, 51, Sat, Nov 06 2010

      has croatia apologized for the genocide of 700,000 serbs from 1941-45?
      has croatia apologized for expelling 400,000 serbs in 1995?
      has the albanian leadership apologized for the destuction of 140 churches in kosovo, and expelling 250,000 serbs in 2004 from kosovo provice?

    • Anonymous
      SimplyStated Rating:
      #1 02, 13, Sat, Nov 06 2010

      These gestures are nice but ultimatley they are little more then symbolic window-dressing. For Serbia to really show it's interest in moving forward it needs to formally apologize to Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia-Hercegovina, and Kosovo for the crimes that were committed by Serbs living in those countries witht he support of the Milosevic regime, they need to arrest and extradite the genocidal war criminal Mladic, and they need to stop destablilizing Bosnia-Herzegovina and Kosovo. Only then will Serbia truly change direction and improve its standing in the region and the world.

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