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Archaeology: 8000-year-old skeleton found in Bulgaria

Author: The Sofia Echo staff Date: Mon, Oct 25 2010 5 Comments, 8954 Views
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Bulgarian archaeologists, led by lecturer Boris Borissov from the university of Veliko Turnovo, unearthed a skeleton estimated at 8000 years old, Bulgarian media reported on October 25 2010.

The remains were found while land was being cleared for the construction of the Maritsa motorway, en route to Turkey, near the village of Kroum, municipality of Dimitrovgrad. Experts say that the skeleton, was from the Neolithic age, dates back to 6000 BCE, and belonged to a young boy, aged 10-15.

Anthropologist Tsvetan Minkov and experts from the Dimitrovgrad museum were also called to the site. The skeleton is most likely going to end up in the museum, but its safe extraction from the grave will present a significant task. Although the teeth are reportedly in "superb condition" the rest of the skeleton is in extremely brittle state and it "almost dissolves upon touch".

According to the report, the boy was found buried in the foetal position.

  • Anonymous
    greg Rating:
    #5 18, 13, Thu, Oct 28 2010

    Eneolithic people found in Armenia
    He said that the specialists have found the bodies of adults and children in clay tombs.

  • Anonymous
    Who? Rating:
    #4 12, 09, Wed, Oct 27 2010

    the Sofia Eco cannot, and will not follow up on this story.

  • Anonymous
    1 Rating:
    #3 18, 25, Tue, Oct 26 2010

    Check it out, they will find a small inaccuracy and reduce the 8K to ~ 1K old. I would really love it if Sofia Eco follows up with the story in the next few months. Please Sofia Eco keep us informed on the subject.

  • Anonymous
    Cosmos Rating:
    #2 21, 26, Mon, Oct 25 2010

    I think he was waiting to see a Bulgarian doctor,and of course they are still waiting to be paid.

  • Anonymous
    Dianne Hatton Rating:
    #1 18, 18, Mon, Oct 25 2010

    Aparently it was discovered in the queue of people at the municipality waiting for a copy of its skitsa :o)

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