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Archaeology: Roman villa excavated in Sofia borough

Author: The Sofia Echo staff Date: Fri, Sep 17 2010 2 Comments, 5510 Views
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Archaeologists have discovered a Roman villa dating back to the third century AD lodged between two apartment blocks in the Sofia borough of Hadji Dimitar, Bulgarian Dnevnik daily reported on September 17 2010.

The complex consists of six buildings linked by paved paths, and surrounded by walls. A barn, slave quarters, and a wide assortment of agricultural and other tools were unearthed, including a "treasure of silver coins", which will help determine the exact time of the villa and her inhabitants, although archaeologists believe that the villa was razed some time around the great Gothic invasion of 270-275, the report said.

Apparently the villa was discovered back in 1966 when the panel blocks in Hadji Dimitar were constructed, but at the time, they were abandoned and forgotten shortly after their discovery.

The site is now being excavated and managed through the joint efforts of the Bulgarian Academy of Science (BAS), along with the municipal firm Stara Sofia, Poduyane borough and architectural association Transformatori.

Depending on the amount of funds the Sofia Municipality allocates to the project, the site could be developed and opened for the public, equipped with infrastructure surrounding the complex, lights, and information panels.

  • Anonymous
    xp Rating:
    #2 10, 20, Mon, Sep 20 2010

    Absolutly Cosmos! It is extremely important to save everything ancient in BG. I bet there is a lot more to be discovered there!

  • Anonymous
    Cosmos Rating:
    #1 15, 08, Fri, Sep 17 2010

    Bulgaria needs to save this rare discovery also all the thracian tombs that have been found this is fantastic news and puts the country on the map.

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