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New group of US Peace Corps volunteers arrive in Bulgaria

Author: The Sofia Echo staff Date: Mon, May 10 2010 4 Comments, 4289 Views
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On May 12 2010, 87 Americans will arrive at Sofia airport to join Peace Corps Bulgaria and devote two years of their lives to community development in Bulgaria.

Before starting their service, volunteers will receive 11 weeks of intensive training in 17 training sites around Vratsa. They will be trained in Bulgarian language and culture, will live with Bulgarian families, and will work on small-scale community projects.

After training, volunteers will work at grassroots level in different organisations and institutions throughout Bulgaria, mostly in small and underserved communities. Some of them will be working as English-language teachers in primary and secondary schools, others will partner municipalities, social institutions, and cultural houses to develop and implement strategic plans, encourage a collaborative spirit and the sharing and transfer of skills.

Currently, 113 volunteers are working in Bulgaria in education and youth and community development. Peace Corps Bulgaria volunteers receive allowances, medical care and other support from Peace Corps but do not receive an actual salary. They live at local level where they can integrate into the indigenous culture, give back to their local communities and create lifelong friendships in the process.

Peace Corps began its work in Bulgaria in 1991 through an agreement between Bulgaria and the US. Since then more than 1100 volunteers have served in Bulgaria in more than 300 communities.

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    • Anonymous neutral
      #4 19, 55, Thu, May 13 2010

      I am writing this as a currently serving volunteer here in Bulgaria. Please do not let the previous posts upset you, it would be rare for any volunteer to encounter such attitudes during their service. Though we use the term "service" to define the "work" of a volunteer, the primary mission of the Peace Corps is to promote world peace and friendship amongst interested nations of the world. It serves as a conduit to share and exchange culture understanding.
      Bulgaria offers a rich history, wonderful people and a great diversity of cultural traditions. Without a doubt, your daughter [...]

      Read the full comment will come home with a broader appreciation of the human race - regardless of our nationality, we are all just people. She will have a wonderful experience here!

    • Anonymous neutral
      #3 11, 37, Wed, May 12 2010

      Why do all you Americans think your country is the "best" in the world? Look around mom and see what your "great" country caused, it's called international crisis. Should we be grateful to all you ignorant people for ruining many lives around the world because of that same crisis caused by your "great" country? Who was it that said "yankees go home" ? Get a life and sort out your own sh*t before interfering with other peoples lives.

    • Anonymous
      Peace Corps mom Rating:
      #2 17, 58, Tue, May 11 2010

      It is exciting to watch the volenteers prepare to serve yet emotional as they give up all the comforts of home and the separation of family n friends for two years. My daughter is one of the volenteers leaving today for Bulgaria. My prayers go with her n the entire team. Peace Corps you have my heart with you and you will be in awe of what you have. Bulgaria the best is on their way! God bless u all.

    • Profile preview
      amrasel Rating: 226
      #1 02, 47, Tue, May 11 2010

      My personal experience was that those people are type of monitoring agency a low level of local social, economical, political and military current events, trends and expectations. PC rapports have been heavily used in devising the US stance towards BG politics, but have proven sometimes wrong, e.g. in the Yugo-war. All in all a low level spy agency.
      Anyway, we-re allies, and have nothing to hide so everybody is more than welcome, and we hope to see more of their comments in this media too.

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