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BAS: Energy generated from windpower and biomass to surpass hydro output in Bulgaria

Author: Nick Iliev Date: Fri, Mar 19 2010 3201 Views
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The output of renewable energy, from biomass and wind power is expected to surpass the levels of energy generated from hydro electric power plants, according to Vesselina Grigorova, from the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (BAS), Bulgarian media reported on March 18 2010.

The statement was made during a renewable energy forum in Sofia organised by BAS.

Currently, hydro power plants in Bulgaria are leaders in energy generation, but there is a "realistic possibility that the water resources of the country will be expended," BAS said. In second place is energy production from biomass, followed by wind power, but for the moment solar energy is lagging behind considerably.

"Solar energy has been relegated to secondary importance because it is an expensive investment for Bulgarian conditions, as the resources are mainly imported," Grigorova said.

BAS officials say that it is the considerable investment needed for such new technologies pertaining to renewable energy that will have a serious impact on the Bulgarian economy. The issue at hand, according to BAS, is whether Bulgaria will replace the imports of expensive fossil fuels, with other expensive resources in order to fulfill its goal set for 2020 whereby wind power is to supply 16 per cent of the total energy share of the country.

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