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Purvanov ‘surprised’ by row about release of transcript of Dyankov meeting

Author: Clive Leviev-Sawyer Date: Sat, Mar 06 2010 3 Comments, 2687 Views
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Under fire from ruling party GERB for allegedly violating the constitution by recording and releasing a transcript of his conversation with Finance Minister Simeon Dyankov, and now the subject of a request from Parliament for a copy of any recordings, Bulgarian President Georgi Purvanov expressed "surprise".
After a war of words lasting for some days after Dyankov appeared in a television talk show during which Purvanov was lampooned, the two met on March 5 at Dyankov’s request.
Apparently without the foreknowledge and consent of Dyankov, Purvanov’s office posted a transcript of the conversation on the website of the Bulgarian Presidency.
On March 6, Speaker of Parliament Tsetska Tsacheva told a hastily-summoned news conference that she had written to the President’s office asking for copies of recordings to check their veracity.
Prime Minister Boiko Borissov’s ruling party GERB said that Purvanov had violated article 32 of the constitution, concerning the inviolability of private communications.
In a statement on March 6, Purvanov’s office said that it was "normal administrative practice" for stenographic records to be kept of the President’s official meetings and discussions.
The conversation that he had held with Dyankov had contained no confidential information or anything concerning Dyankov’s personality, Purvanov's media statement said. 

Purvanov said that he considered the involvement of Parliament in the matter "unwise".

On the issue of relations among Bulgarian institutions - which has become a running theme in the row since Dyankov's talk show appearance - Purvanov insisted that he defended the Bulgarian position national and internationally, and named his recent talks in Brussels as evidence of this, but said that this did not extend to being uncritical about "the errors of the Finance Minister".



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    • Anonymous
      margie Rating:
      #3 19, 31, Tue, Mar 09 2010

      I don't know, Purvanov always reminds me of a gossipy hairdresser. Furthermore, he appears overly concerned about "appearances and status" Could someone fill me in on what good he's actually done for his country?

      Dyankov, on the other hand, looks like he might need more sleep - prolly workin too hard. For me this is a good sign. He's one person that actually has some statistics on getting things done. He might not win a beauty contest, but for positive action to help his country, he gets my vote!

    • Anonymous
      foreigner Rating:
      #2 15, 18, Sun, Mar 07 2010

      Relations between the presidency and the cabinet in Bulgaria will allways be messy because the distribution of power is messy. Normally, there is either an executive president, like Naughty Nicholas or Saint Barak, who has a strong mandate because he has been elected directly,or a cabinet with a parliamentary mandate and a ceremonial head of state, like in Germany or Italy. These presidents don't have big staffs, only a small cabinet for protocol and administration. Usually, the president is an elder statesman with limited ambitions.

      It looks like Bulgaria wanted the best of both worlds, and [...]

      Read the full comment got the worst. The only remedy is to change the constitution, build good fences to get good neighbours.

      Oh, and probably the old comrades created this mess by design, to make change difficult - divide and rule.

    • Anonymous
      Vincent Rating:
      #1 10, 20, Sun, Mar 07 2010

      It looks like the president has fallen into his own trap ...

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