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Hope for Haiti's Children to receive 1.6M leva in donations from Bulgaria

Author: The Sofia Echo staff Date: Thu, Feb 25 2010 3026 Views
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Hope for Haiti's Children has received 1.6 million leva in donations from Bulgaria, a statement by Unicef Bulgaria said.

The children of the devastated island are amongst the hardest hit, as 700 000 out of 1.26 million were "directly affected" by the quake, many of whom were left orphans.

According to United Nations statistics, more than three million people or one in every three Haitians was affected by the apocalyptic tremor. More than 300 000 are now believed to have died, more than two million are in dire need of daily assistance while over a million are left homeless, many of them living amongst the rubble.

A month after the quake, more than 900 000 people are fed daily and given water in over 300 locations around Port-au-Prince.

"Over the last few weeks we have been overwhelmed by the compassion of individuals, churches, and businesses, from across the country and around the world," a statement reads on Hope for Haiti's Children website.

Funds have been wired continuously for food, water, and other badly needed supplies. In addition to the orphanage at Cazeau, two other orphanages in the capital have been targeted for assistance.

The island of Haiti, already the poorest nation in the western hemisphere, suffered a natural disaster of biblical proportions when a major earthquake struck in proximity to the island's capital, Port-au-Prince on January 12 2010. The magnitude 7.0 quake brought apocalyptic destruction in most areas of the island.

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