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No free movement of Bulgarian and Romanian workers in Dutch agriculture in 2010

Author: The Sofia Echo staff Date: Fri, Feb 05 2010 3 Comments, 1733 Views
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Citing recent debates in the Dutch parliament with the Dutch minister for housing, spacial planning and environment Eberhard Van der Laan, Belgian broadcaster said that the chances of Bulgarian and Romanian workers being allowed to work without the need of a work permit in Dutch agriculture were almost negligible.

A majority in Dutch parliament still opposed the free movement of workers from these countries, said.

Employers in agriculture in the Netherlands, who frequently use East Europeans as seasonal workers, would still have to apply for work permits for these groups.

  • Anonymous
    Dennis Rating:
    #3 20, 29, Sat, Feb 06 2010

    Leonard, dream on buddy...........I like your writing and I fully support it, but it will never happen my friend. There will never be brotherhood in the European Continent. Europeans have a lot of rubbish in ther heads including here diplomats and politicans from all the europe's nations. I will put it in simple words: There never will be brotherhood as long as the idea of "I am better than the other" exist. Will the Greeks accept that Turkish are there brothers ??!!

    ta taa.

  • Anonymous neutral
    #2 02, 08, Sat, Feb 06 2010

    All the good books (and common sense)tell us that the strong must help the weak. For 2000 years we Europeans have slaughtered each other in untold millions. Now that 27 countries in the EU have outlawed War we can start to rebuild this great continent. It could become a Golden Age but ONLY if we appreciate that the family of nations is only as strong as its weakest link. 'Love thy neighbour' is as important today as in the time of Christ.

  • Anonymous neutral
    #1 19, 21, Fri, Feb 05 2010

    There was recently an article saying that a dutch company wanted to create some intensive farming projects near varna funny I wonder who will work ther?

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