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Social democrat Josipovic elected president of Croatia

Author: The Sofia Echo Staff Date: Mon, Jan 11 2010 5 Comments, 5534 Views
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Social Democrat Ivo Josipovic took more than 60 per cent of the vote in the second round of Croatia’s presidential elections on January 10 2010 to be elected head of state, defeating Zagreb mayor Milan Bandic, according to exit polls.
Josipovic (52), a professor in law and music composer, has pledged to fight corruption and to work for social justice. However, the post of president of Croatia has no substantial executive powers, with limited roles in foreign policy, defence and over the intelligence services.
The election took place against a background of the serious impact that the current crisis has had on the economy of Croatia, which aspires to join the European Union in the next few years, possibly in 2012.
The first round of the elections, on December 27 2009, saw a low turnout – ascribed to disillusionment among Croatians with politics – and Josipovic getting too few votes to secure a decisive majority.
Josipovic will succeed Croatian president Stjepan Mesic who leaves office on February 18 2010 after two five-year terms.

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    • Anonymous
      #5 21, 10, Sat, May 29 2010

      I Mr.Muhammad Shoaib being a central president of salam Pakistan party most congratulate to Govt and peoples of Croatia on the occasion of Croatia statehood day on 30th may.Accept my congratulations on our national day.
      Thank you ,

    • AnonymousAlexander SimonFri, Feb 12 2010

      This comment has been removed by the moderator because it contained

    • Anonymous
      Peggy Rating:
      #3 12, 22, Tue, Jan 12 2010

      He is already talking about dropping the law suit against Serbia.
      A real slap in the fact for Mesic.

      Looking for a dignified way out is very sensible, especially when Serbia has hundreds of thousands of reguees needing to go back and Operation Storm to get an explanation on.

    • Anonymous
      Peggy Rating:
      #2 22, 57, Mon, Jan 11 2010

      Perhaps with this guy there can be some hope of Serbia and Croatia having an acceptable relationship.

      All Mesic did was to fuel the flames. Certainly couldn't have got worse.

    • Anonymous neutral
      #1 16, 14, Mon, Jan 11 2010

      He is a "professor in law"? O.K. (analogous to 'mother in law', I guess) You did not get one of his first pronouncements - to sack the ICJ suit against Serbia. At least he is more pleasant looking than their other winner, whose face was matching his ability & personality.

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