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Perspectives on Poland: Crosses to bare

Author: Jamie Stokes - Krakow Post Date: Fri, Jan 08 2010 4 Comments, 8783 Views
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Joanna Krupa is a hard woman to ignore. The 30-year-old model enjoys the kind of curvaceous good looks that get you on the cover of Playboy.

Photographed naked, sporting a pair of angel’s wings and using just a silver crucifix to preserve her modesty, she becomes ever harder to overlook.

This is how she appeared in a recent poster campaign for the U.S.-based animal welfare charity PETA. Catholics around the world were up in arms.

Polish Catholics were up in arms and standing on their chairs, some of them at least.

The fact that Joanna Krupa is Polish made the ad doubly difficult to take; insulting the cross is bad enough, but for a Pole to be seen doing so in the eyes of the world’s media touches a sensitive Polish nerve of national pride.

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  • Anonymous
    Valeri Rating:
    #4 06, 52, Mon, Jan 11 2010

    Which one do you mean Jon?:)

  • Anonymous
    Jon Mills Rating:
    #3 20, 02, Fri, Jan 08 2010

    If this is what Polish christians look like....where can I join?

  • Anonymous
    A Pole Rating:
    #2 11, 17, Fri, Jan 08 2010

    In fact, the reality isn't as scary as you might want to show it. Most Poles in their thirties and younger are just as religious as any other European citizen.

    The superstition you have is probably based on the extremes which are just as aggravating for a most Poles as for any other Europeans.

  • Anonymous
    K.W. Rating:
    #1 10, 29, Fri, Jan 08 2010

    Polish catholics are a dangerous scary.

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