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Bulgarian PM Borissov backs Serbia’s EU intentions

Author: Clive Leviev-Sawyer Date: Fri, Dec 11 2009 6 Comments, 3521 Views
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The sooner Serbia joins the European Union, the better for the prosperity of the Balkans, Bulgarian Prime Minister Boiko Borissov told journalists in Brussels on December 11 2009.
Serbia was a European country and deserved to be part of the European family, said Borissov: "We will stand behind her and help her".
Borissov’s comments, in reply to a question from a reporter, came just a few days after Belgrade expressed anger at Sofia’s evidence in the International Court of Justice arguing in favour of the independence of Kosovo – a move that Serbia vehemently rejects.
By December 11, it was not known publicly when Serbia would lodge its formal application to join the EU.
On December 9, there was a step forward when EU ministers decided to unfreeze a trade agreement between the bloc and Serbia.
The same day, Serbian foreign minister Vuk Jeremic said that in spite of widespread speculation that his country would apply before December 25 for EU membership, no decision had yet been made.
On December 11, Serbian news agency Tanjug – quoting an interview given by Jeremic to Reuters in New York – said that he had said that a decision on the application would be made "soon".
Jeremic said that EU membership was a central strategic priority for Serbia, but the country was getting mixed signals from EU member states about the timing of a membership application.

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    • Anonymous
      Peggy Rating:
      #6 12, 54, Thu, Jan 07 2010

      They think that they can control the Muslims.
      Just take a look at how well Americans are contorlling the Muslims they helped start a war.
      Saddam was doing a much better job at controling his country than America ever could but he wasn't going to play ball with the Yanks so he had to go.
      Look at the pupper in Afghanistan. America is spilling their own blood and they still can't control the Taliban even though they have that puppet in power.

      Now they stirred up trouble in the Balkans [...]

      Read the full comment creating new Islamic countries like Kosovo and Bosnia. What makes them think they will do any better there. All that will happen will be exactly what is happenign in Iraq. The non Muslims will suffer and it will eventually affect the surrounding countries.
      Watch out Bulgaria. When the Muslims become a problem for you and the Yanks can't control them who are you going to turn to? I hope not Serbia. You burned your bridges there.

    • Anonymous neutral
      #5 18, 18, Mon, Jan 04 2010

      They should be backed, but certainly without without 'Kosovo'.

      It was bad enough having one Islamic state in Europe - now we have potentially two - with another big one knocking at the door (one which you Bulgarians already have a little, er, 'history').

      Stop the Islamisation of Europe before it is too late!

    • AnonymousPeggySun, Dec 20 2009

      This comment has been removed by the moderator because it contained

      AnonymousAgron ForlaniSat, Dec 19 2009

      This comment has been removed by the moderator because it contained

    • Anonymous
      Peggy Rating:
      #2 00, 18, Sat, Dec 12 2009

      Is this with or without Kosovo?
      What borders are going to define Serbia as a member?

    • Anonymous
      Valeri Rating:
      #1 23, 03, Fri, Dec 11 2009

      Well there you go.
      That's what I've been saying.

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