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Day one of the Copenhagen Climate Change Conference

Author: The Sofia Echo staff Date: Mon, Dec 07 2009 6 Comments, 3473 Views
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The long-awaited Copenhagen Climate Change Conference will have the eyes of the world set on the Danish capital between December 7 and 18 2009, with delegates from 192 countries trying to come up with answers to and commitments on the planet's climate issues.

The conference has been described by some scientists as the most important the world has ever seen, the BBC said.

Security is tight as organisers expect 15 000 delegates and 100 world leaders to attend over the next two weeks.

On the eve of the summit, UN chief climate negotiator Yvo de Boer said the talks were in excellent shape. He told the BBC that many countries were now making pledges to curb greenhouse gas emissions.

"Never in 17 years of climate negotiations have so many different countries made so many pledges. It is unprecedented," de Boer was quoted by the BBC as saying.

According to him, offers to finance clean technology for poor countries were also coming through and talks were progressing on a long-term vision of massive carbon cuts by 2050.

Bulgaria was one of the nine newest European Union members states, who helped the rest of the block come up with a joint position ahead of the summit.

The nine Eastern European countries managed to negotiate better terms for themselves in the joint EU position on providing financial aid to developing countries on carbon emissions.

Bulgarian Prime Minister Boiko Borissov said "the decision guarantees that we will not be donors to countries such as China, India, Brazil and Russia."

  • Anonymous
    peter Rating:
    #6 14, 25, Tue, Dec 08 2009

    Did you know Gore has the largest company for selling CO2 credits. What is he doing with the money?? Anyone can do this with no controls whatsoever!!Ever seen his house??? Uses enough power to run a small Bulgarian village. Two faced greedy hypocrite!

  • Anonymous
    packrat Rating:
    #5 10, 14, Tue, Dec 08 2009

    Climategate was just the thing to counter the global warming hype - a bunch of e-mails blown out of proportion vs. a bunch of crackpots desperately trying to convince everybody that they have enough insight into nature's works to lecture everyone else.
    One thing is for certain, tho - we're gonna foot the bill for the Copenhagen freak parade.

  • Anonymous
    vanko Rating:
    #4 09, 01, Tue, Dec 08 2009

    ONE WORLD ORDER that's the objective. This is a scam on an even bigger level than H1N1 the pharma's would be proud. It's sad there are so many sheep

  • Anonymous
    Climategate Rating:
    #3 19, 51, Mon, Dec 07 2009

    It's a scam. Gore is a liar and con artist who is making big bucks off this sham. The scientists are manipulating the figures to make it look like global warming is occuring. Look into Climategate. The mainstream media will not cover. A group of hackers hacked into the computer systems of a Climate change research group at a university in England and found emails and documents that show they intentionally are changing figures. Okay, this concerns everybody! They will make a big tax on everyone. It's a fraud. Look into it people.


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  • Anonymous
    Neil Rating:
    #2 18, 34, Mon, Dec 07 2009

    Why is nobody here talking about Climategate? The biggest scientific fraud is going on!

  • Anonymous
    Edward mwale Rating:
    #1 11, 55, Mon, Dec 07 2009

    We expect the most of action-oriented decisions at this high profile conference. We will save our planet through acting quickly, not just talking.

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