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Kosovo to buy its first embassy buildings abroad

Author: Petar Kostadinov Date: Thu, Aug 13 2009 5 Comments, 3437 Views
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At its 77th meeting Kosovo's government has decided to allocate 10 million euro for the purchase of four Kosovo embassies in Washington, London, Brussels and Paris, the government's website said on August 10 2009.

The decision was taken following a request of Kosovo foreign ministry. These will be the first Kosovo-owned diplomatic buildings abroad;  Kosovo officials currently work in rented buildings.

Since the middle of October Kosovo has opened 10 embassies in the world. These include embassies in Washington, London, Brussels, Paris, Berlin, Vienna, Rome, Bern, Ankara and Tirana.

Previously, plans were afoot for 25 million euro to be allocated towards the purchase of the new buildings but this sum had to be reduced in order to meet Kosovo's other expenditures.

On August 10, the government approved the six month budget report for 2009. According to deputy economy and finance minister, Bedri Hamza, during this period there was an increase in income compared to the previous year’s report, a statement on the government's website said.

Income during the first six months of 2009 was 420 million euro, which represents 44 per cent of total planned income. According to the income structure, 271 million euro derives from customs, 97 million euro from the Kosovo tax administration and 20 million euro from domestic municipal income.

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    • Anonymous
      Zaman Rating:
      #5 19, 14, Sat, Jun 05 2010

      I saw a young Kosovan woman begging for money to pay her rent today. She told me she had filled out forms for help with accommodation costs but had been waiting for weeks and couldn't pay her rent which is why she was begging for money.

      She said that after the war, the Kosovan government had done little to help its poor and so they ended up migrating for a better chance in life!

      I was concerned about this young woman begging as she could be open to harassment and abuse so [...]

      Read the full comment I gave her some money and told her to contact the Kosovan Embassy. I assumed that Kosovo would have an embassy in London!

      Where can people like this woman go for help while they are waiting for their benefit applications to be processed?

    • Anonymous
      Kosovari Rating:
      #4 21, 12, Thu, Oct 01 2009

      Mi rroft bolet kush kqyre ketu , Prioritet kan femrat e gjata mbi 1.80cm

    • Anonymous
      Dini Rating:
      #3 21, 10, Thu, Oct 01 2009

      Ndoshta i qelin edhe nja 100 vjet

    • Anonymous
      misha Rating:
      #2 06, 07, Mon, Sep 07 2009

      Please are you joking or what? you cant look after your own back yard let alone open embassies your not a country your a joke!

    • Anonymous
      fatmir Rating:
      #1 22, 36, Wed, Aug 26 2009

      is been 2 years since they diclert inderpendent is a sham that still not have open the embassys people struglin to get a passport and other thing sham on them

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