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Climbing Malyovitsa - picture gallery

Author: Nick Iliev Date: Wed, Jul 29 2009 4885 Views
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This picture gallery will take you to the Malyovitsa summit, in the northwestern part of the Rila Mountains range, standing at 2,729m. It is one of the most iconic peaks in the entire range. In Rila mountain, which is considerably more mellow in appearance as opposed to the rugged Pirin, the harsh and jagged beauty of Malyovitsa is unparalleled

The imposing north wall was first climbed in 1938 by Konstantin Savadzhiev and Georgi Stoimenov.

Amongst the many interesting walls and summits to climb are: Zliya Zab "The Evil Fang" (200 m vertical wall with one of the most famous climbing routes in the country — Vezhdite "The Eyebrows"), Dvuglav "Two Heads" (a 300 m vertical wall), Iglata "The Needle", Dyavolski Igli "Devil's Needle", Ushite "The Ears"and several others. A wall available for not so experienced rock-climbers is Kuklata "The Doll".

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