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Turkish Bulgarians fastest-growing group of immigrants in The Netherlands

Author: Rene Beekman Date: Tue, Jul 21 2009 3 Comments, 4756 Views
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The fastest growing group of immigrants in The Netherlands were Bulgarians, most of whom were of ethnic Turks, Dutch daily De Telegraaf said.

While Bulgarians can freely live in The Netherlands, they need a work permit if they would decide to accept a job. Those work permits are often hard to get, and so many find illegal work through "shady intermediaries," De Telegraaf said.

Estimates of the number of Bulgarians in The Netherlands were said to range from 10 000 to 30 000.

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    • Anonymous
      dan Rating:
      #3 14, 02, Tue, Jun 07 2011

      altogether there is about 500,000 Turks in the netherlands and they all have big families! what will happen to the dutch in 20 years time?

    • Anonymous
      Valeri Rating:
      #2 23, 32, Tue, Jul 21 2009

      I am telling you!
      Pretty soon we in BG will have to introduce visas for the Dutch!
      Holland is a magnet for Muslims, and eventually, we'll need to look into this no visa deal...;)

    • Anonymous
      Cosmos Rating:
      #1 22, 35, Tue, Jul 21 2009

      Must have run out of room in the UK.

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