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President Georgi Purvanov designates Boiko Borissov to form a cabinet

Author: Petar Kostadinov Date: Thu, Jul 16 2009 3452 Views
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At a meeting on July 16 2009, President Georgi Purvanov formally invited Boiko Borissov to form a cabinet, Bulgarian news agency BTA said.

As leader of the Citizens for the European Development of Bulagria (GERB) party, which won the biggest shares of votes at the July 5 2009 elections, Borissov now has seven days to come up with a list of cabinet ministers, which he will in turn formally submit to Purvanov.

Purvanov will forward the proposed cabinet to Parliament for approval, and a vote in favour will mark the start of the new government's four-year term. According to Borissov, this would happen on July 27 2009. Until then the outgoing Cabinet headed by Sergei Stanishev will continue to act as the government.

Although GERB failed to win an outright majority in Parliament, getting 116 out of 240 seats, Borissov decided to form a GERB government without bringing smaller right-wing parties into a coalition cabinet.

Borissov has said that the two parties who are part of the outgoing coalition Government, the Bulgarian Socialist Party and the Movement for Rights and Freedoms, will not be considered as potential political partners. The two won seats in Parliament at the July elections but the third member of the tripartite governing coalition, Simeon Saxe-Coburg's National Movement from Stability and Progress, failed to make the threshold.

On July 15 2009, GERB proposed to the right-wing Blue Coalition, ultra-nationalist Ataka party and the centre-right Order, Law and Justice party that they sign a memorandum stipulating their support for the new government.

Ataka and OLJ signed the memorandum, while the Blue Coalition expressed concern that the memorandum did not have the power of a coalition agreement, and that without such an agreement, Borissov's future cabinet might have problems getting other parties' support in Parliament during its term.

However, the Blue Coalition was given a deadline to July 17 2009 to present its remarks on the memorandum.

The Blue Coalition, Ataka and OLJ said that they would support Borissov's cabinet when put to the vote in Parliament on July 27 2009.

The BSP has said that it could not support a government that promised to follow a right-wing policy while the MRF said that it would wait to see the ruling programme of the future government and then make a decision. 

GERB said that any of the right-wing parties' experts who had proven to be good professionals could be given cabinet seats.

Borissov has revealed the names of four of his future ministers so far. They are World Bank economist Simeon Dyankov who will be Finance Minister, GERB floor leader Tsvetan Tsvetanov who will be Interior Minister, Borissov's deputy at Sofia city hall, Yordanka Fandakova who will be Minister of Education, and prominent sculpture Vezhdi Rashidov whill be Culture Minister.

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